Savant Stock Control System

Savant Stock Control (SSC) is a secure, cloud based stock management service for clinical laboratories, covering delivery of stock, issue of stock, stock movements, quarantine, discards, stock reconciliation and stock reporting and ordering.


  • Supports delivery and issue of stock and stock movements
  • Automated order facility based on monitoring of stock levels
  • Stock reconciliation module
  • Quarantine of single or batches of products
  • Stock discard – select products and view discarded products
  • Messaging Dashboard providing information and actions for users
  • Fixed Reports for key stock requirements
  • Flexible reporting facility enabling user to create and save reports
  • Audit of a product from delivery to final usage


  • Enables site to have control of consumable items in stock
  • Enables more accurate costing
  • Enables more accurate stock level control
  • Saves money by optimising ordering process
  • User permissions to control access to data
  • Cloud based with you in control