Get the most from your Oracle & SQL Server Databases with Our Experience

At Savant our focus is on database systems that work – reliably



Savant’s experience of relational database development dates back nearly twenty years.

We understand that databases do not exist in a vacuum and there is often a need to integrate data from a number of systems held in a variety of formats.

You may already have systems or suppliers or customers with systems with a number of formats such as spreadsheets, CSV files, fixed length formats, HL7 feeds, XML structures and a variety of access methodologies, including ODBC links and web services.

The good news is Savant has worked with all of these and more.


We can help your organisation with:

  • Database design, build and installations
  • Migrations or upgrades
  • Integration of Oracle/SQL Server with other systems
  • Full system audits
  • Day to day monitoring & Housekeeping
  • Development of recovery strategies
  • Streamlining of data loading/unloading
  • Maintenance of life critical databases around the clock
  • Database replication and mirroring
  • Backup and recovery using maintenance plans and job schedules
Oracle Database Services 

Oracle-based products have been our prime implementation environment over the last fifteen years. Savant has a long pedigree with all of Oracle’s major development products and databases.

Our Oracle team has hands-on, practical installation and support experience with:

  • Oracle Developer 2000 (Forms 5) to  “Oracle developer suite 10g”,
  • Oracle Standard / Enterprise edition 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g r4 and 12c
  • Oracle Data Guard
  • Oracle Data Pump
  • Oracle Enterprise manager 9, 10, 12c and 13c
  • Oracle on Windows servers including 2012
  • Maintenance and development of Oracle Forms / APEX
Oracle Database Practical Experience 

Savant uses its wealth of experience to:

  • Manage an Oracle estate using OEM 12c with Oracle 11gr4 in active Data Guard mode on Windows 2012
  • Develop and maintain Oracle Forms for web deployment (version 10)
  • Troubleshoot applications running on Oracle to tune and resolve issues
  • Migration of Oracle 11g Database to 12c
  • Moving Oracle express databases from old hardware to new platform using rman
  • Validate backups with offsite restoration and recovery
  • Facilitate hardware relocation

Savant has experience of migrating database to new hardware and upgrading the database version. This was from Oracle 9i to 11Gr4 on Windows 2012

Further details can be found in our case studies :-

SQL Server® Database Services

For the last ten years Savant has used SQL Server to develop and deploy our business continuity product Mataco which forms one of a number of third party products we support with SQL Server.

Our SQL Server team has hands-on, practical installation and support experience with:

  • SQL Server 2008, 2010, 2012
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • Developing Windows and web applications on top of SQL Server using .NET
SQL Server® Practical Experience  

Savant uses its wealth of experience to:

  • Manage the backend SQL server database for third party products, including backup and recovery strategies.
  • Create and manage hosted instances and databases for customers of Savant’s Mataco Business Continuity System.
  • Set up database replication for SQL Server for customers wishing to increase their potential to maintain uptime if their primary system is unavailable.

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