You Need Software that Works

At Savant we understand that you need software that just works. We have been developing, testing and supporting life-critical systems for over 25 years

Systems that need to work all the time. Systems that need extensive testing to ensure they go live and stay live.

We have developed both systematic and exploratory-based testing methodologies to ensure your software or website is as reliable as possible by testing what users can do to it not just what the designers expected them to do!

Testing Services

We provide a comprehensive range of testing services to ensure your software works perfectly, including:

  • Software Functionality Testing

    We can undertake system testing and user acceptance testing (UAT). We will work with you during your development cycle, helping you “get it right first time” and therefore lowering your costs.

  • Compatibility Testing

    We can undertake testing across many platforms; testing your systems for software compatibility on Unix, OpenVMS, PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile phones.

  • Accessibility Testing

    Our technical testing, user testing and automated testing services ensure that your system is accessible and usable by the widest possible range of people.

  • Usability Testing

    We aim to help you improve the usability of your software enhancing the user experience. We can provide a range of services from expert review to full user evaluations.

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