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With over 30 years experience, Savant are a long established SME providing innovative solutions for critical business processes. Services include project management, software design, development, implementation and support (24/7).

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Based in the North West, we support organisations throughout the UK – from the NHS and local government, to SMEs and large corporations.

Our credentials are proven and include: over 26 years of continuous ISO9001 accreditation and ISO27001 certification; with testimonies from satisfied customers.

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Bespoke Software

Our focus is ensuring our software systems work – 24/7.

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IT Support Services

Our IT Services team assist organisations get the very best from their technological investment.


Software Testing Services

We have been testing and supporting businesses for over 30 years.


Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications running on hand-held devices have revolutionised the way we all use software.


OpenVMS Services

Savant has experience in migrating OpenVMS clusters between hardware infrastructures.

What is a Medical Software Company?

Medical software and healthcare companies build and deliver products, systems, services, and solutions to solve a myriad of complex customer and patient needs. Medical software is developed and delivered by medical software companies like the team at Savant to improve care in the sector and keep the industry moving forward in line with new technologies.


Which Software is used in Hospitals? What is the Role of Software in Healthcare?

Medical software companies offer a wide array of products to aid doctors and researchers, including networking solutions to track patients’ health progression, and software to keep track of medical studies as they are conducted. The software can be used by many different parties within the healthcare sector, including:

  • Primary care teams
  • Healthcare providers
  • Medical research teams
  • Administrative support teams
  • Patients and families

Software plays a massive role in supporting medical professionals when it comes to making clinical decisions, but also supporting administrators and database teams!

When most people imagine healthcare software, they think of the types of healthcare software that can utilise artificial intelligence and machine learning, alongside patient records, the opinions of healthcare professionals, medical history, and many other factors to help implement accurate diagnoses, sometimes of complex and often life-threatening conditions.

This kind of software is, of course, incredibly cutting edge and valuable, but it is not the only time software can be applied in the healthcare industry.

Medical software can be found in almost all aspects of modern healthcare, and there is a huge range of healthcare software types, including:

  • Patient Administration Systems (PAS)
  • Laboratory Informaton Management Systems (LIMS)
  • Clinical Product Manufacturing and Control Systems
  • Hospital management software, including bed management
  • In medical devices and wearable devices (such as pacemakers or glucose monitors)
  • Digital storage methods, including the storage of electronic health records (EHRs)
  • Medical research software
  • Medical diagnosis software
  • Medical equipment management software
  • Cloud-based software, including cloud-based EHR software.

Savant Software in the Healthcare Sector

Savant have been helping to conceptualise, build, develop and create clinical and medical process support software for more than 30 years. With decades of experience and a passion for the work we do, we have helped countless healthcare institutions, both public and private, and both patient-facing and in supporting operations.


One of our flagship products, Li-LAC is our breast milk labelling, control and tracking software. Savant develops, provides, and supports services to increase human expressed breast milk safety and security. It is imperative that babies who are being cared for in a neonatal, special, or maternity unit are given the appropriate feeds. In addition to labelling and checking that the feeds are administered to the right babies, Li-LAC records all feed information. Li-LAC can also be used to track donations from breast milk donors to ensure donations are always safe to administer to babies in NICUs and be used for feed logging, to ensure the right level of patient care is being given to vulnerable babies.


PULSE is a control system to oversee all donors and recipients in the donation lifecycle of MPHOs (Medical Products of Human Origin), including blood donations, organ and tissue donations. PULSE helps with the management and enrolment of blood and tissue donors, and all subsequent testing, labelling, and shipping of these products to hospitals and medical researchers. Among others, this software is used by NHS Blood and Transplant, States-of-Jersey BTS, Isle-of-Man BTS and Northern Ireland BTS.


HEMATOS is a tissue and stem cell matching system that is used all over the country to streamline and optimise the process of finding matching tissue and stem cell donors, or donated products. Hematos is used to manage diverse kinds of blood banking and sample testing, tissue typing, and matching and reporting activities

The system also supports the collection and shipping of stem cells, cord blood, and other liquid biopsy products. It was designed for specialised companies involved in blood, organ, stem cell and tissue typing and testing.


LabelCyte from Savant helps a range of healthcare settings, including hospitals, stem-cell laboratories, and tissue banks to ensure they are compliant with JACIE-accreditation requirements for MPHO labelling.

The LabelCyte system helps ensure that users are always following all the relevant regulatory requirements for human tissue product labels

As well as working in an advisory capacity, the LabelCyte system creates unique ICCBBA/ISBT128-compliant donation numbers, as well as SEC (Single European Code) identification codes, which are needed for the tracking and transportation of these kinds of products to ensure patient safety in every instance. The software also generates barcodes in linear, 2D (data matrix) and QR barcode formats. It also integrates with both Zebra and Brady label printers, which are the industry standard.


For many companies and healthcare organisations having a strong business continuity plan is a vital part of your day-to-day operations. Mataco is a cloud-based business continuity software system that provides businesses with continuity support on a range of devices including tablets, smartphones, and desktop PCs. Mataco allows you to centralise your business continuity and emergency planning into one place, and as it is cloud-based, the application is available from any device. This means that in the event of an outage, you will not lose access to your business software or IT infrastructure.


SSC is a cloud-hosted or locally-hosted software solution for managing laboratory inventory. Our web-based system covers delivery, stock issue, stock movement, stock reporting and ordering, quarantine, discards, and stock reconciliation. It allows a site’s tracking system to record every single item that is shipped from delivery to analyser. While many healthcare businesses are in the public sector and therefore working within strict budgets, ensuring systems are of a high quality and highly efficient is still of paramount importance. SSC helps healthcare businesses do this while also saving your team’s time and reducing product wastage.

Supporting Services in Healthcare Systems

As well as the creation of our own software products to support the healthcare sector, Savant also works more broadly in the technical, software and IT support sectors.

We have specialists in mobile and web app development, OpenVMS, databases and IT support on our team, and are able to offer support to organisations in the medical industry in order to support existing medical software solutions, or to implement new software!

To find out more about Savant and our healthcare software capabilities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – our expert team are always happy to help.


Digital Marketplace & G-Cloud

Savant’s range of services for implementation, consultancy, migration and testing can be found under Digital Outcomes and Specialists.

The G-Cloud framework supports the government policy to centrally manage the procurement of common goods and services.



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