Savant: Our Story

Savant are proud to be an employee-owned company and strive to comply with our business & ethical responsibilities

Employee Ownership

Following 20 years of private ownership; in July 2001, Savant’s employees took over the company from the retiring founders in an Employee Buyout (EBO). The company is now wholly owned by the Savant Employee Benefit Trust (known as the EBT) – to which all eligible staff belong.

Why not a Management Buy Out?

The existing management team acknowledged that the main assets of the company go home every night. Without the goodwill and cooperation of the staff, Savant could not provide the levels of service and support we believe our customers have a right to expect – after all we charge them for it. So the idea of an EBO was born out of the spirit of cooperation – but not necessarily of a co-operative.

Code of Business Ethics

Our Code of Business Ethics applies to all business conducted by Savant – and to our employees. Compliance with our code helps to sustain and enhance Savant’s good reputation. We believe that every employee plays a vital part in building and strengthening Savant’s ethical stance.