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Savant specialises in bespoke software and database development. For over the past 30 years we have repeatedly delivered custom software solutions that boost productivity, improve accuracy and please users.

From small to large businesses we will advise at project conception on the most appropiate software solution for their needs. We have a dedicated team of project managers with extensive experience to assist and manage customer requirements from low-cost utilities to large scale projects.

From mobile applications and cloud development to relational databases, we use proven technologies and development methodologies to create our software delivering solutions, across a wide range of platforms to meet customer requirments.

Bespoke Software Development

crisis management

Dalbeattie Finance System 

During 2017-18 Savant developed a web-based finance control software solution. The project objective was to control the finance loans and savings accounts through a new management ‘dashboard’. Collabarating with the client, we identified the functions required for a new system, Savant were then able to improve and streamline the existing functionality.


Donor Card Management

Using our vast knowledge of barcodes and label printers, we developed DCM to print: linear, 2D data matrix and QR barcode identifiers – on pre-printed or blank ID cards. The customer appreciated the ability to employ monochrome or colour printing, use alternative images and that all barcodes are ISBT 128 standards compliant.

What is Bespoke Software?

Bespoke software, custom software or custom-made software all essentially mean the same thing – a software solution that has been entirely tailored to the needs of your business and has been built from the ground up with your needs in mind. A bespoke software solution is an option that has potential for many different organisations and provides a wide range of benefits compared to off-the-shelf software (which is pre-existing software made by an independent software development company and sold to market as is). Creating a bespoke solution using custom software development allows you complete control over your project, and the team at Savant can help you to create effective bespoke software that is completely fit for purpose.

Our team are experienced in working with a range of different development platforms, including .NET, Android and also against different Operating Systems such as Windows, IOS and  OpenVMS, along with many more. This allows us to provide a comprehensive suite of products, to intelligently integrate different applications and functionalities and provide you with the best quality products.

Advantages of Bespoke Software

  • With bespoke and custom software, an external software provider doesn’t dictate the functionality of your products and systems – you do. It is not a one-size fits all approach. The outcome is increased efficiency, improved cost savings, and an increase in productivity through reduced administration overheads specific to your team’s and organisation’s workflows. 
  • Additional user licences often need to be purchased for an off the shelf product, whereas a custom software solution removes that limitation.
  • Right from the architecture stage, custom software can be designed to integrate with other business systems. This flexibility, provided by bespoke software, ensures you remain competitive, even when working with advanced technologies. The result is that as businesses are able to expand into new areas, their software solutions grow along with them. This high degree of functionality and flexibility is a huge long-term advantage for organisations of all kinds.
  • A bespoke software system is not comparable to another company’s product. Users will see a unique interface, instead of one associated with a mass-market programme. Users will also find a well-designed bespoke software interface easier to use and more efficient, as it can automate repetitive tasks and streamline your specific business processes.
  • Custom software solutions require less technical support since they are tailored to the company’s needs. Additionally, you get more control over how and when new updates and changes are made to the software solution.
  • It is widely acknowledged that mass market software is often targeted by hackers due to the sheer number of users that can be affected. Hackers would have to carry out highly targeted attacks in order to breach bespoke software solutions. By its nature, bespoke software is less likely to be breached, since fewer people are accessing it on a regular basis.

Disadvantages of Bespoke Software

  • Bespoke Software timelines in the initial stages are longer as the source code has to be created from scratch. The customer’s needs and requirements need to be set out and documented, data needs to be implemented and user research undertaken to understand the requirements of users for the software. With an off the shelf software package, these features may already exist in a close form to that needed and it’s just a matter of integrating the existing software with an organisation’s systems.
  • It may cost more initially to develop bespoke software. In the long run, however, having a solution that works for your business is likely to be less expensive, and there are no ongoing license fees associated with software bespoke to your business.
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Working With Savant on Your Bespoke Software Project

As a bespoke software development company that has been working in this sector for decades, the team at Savant have the knowledge and experience needed to create high-quality, entirely bespoke software, and to follow our projects from start to finish. Alternatively, we can help you to build on, revamp and update legacy software in order to bring it in line with modern technologies such as; networks, databases, languages and other requirements.

When it comes to our bespoke software products, we work intensely and collaboratively, both with our customers and internally to ensure that we’re getting the highest level of expertise possible on our projects. However, we understand that creating bespoke software can be an exceptionally complex process, with many different stakeholders from different backgrounds (including both technical and non-technical backgrounds) becoming invested in the process. 

We’re committed to offering a consistent client experience that works for our customers and allows them to share their expertise, needs, requirements, preferences and insights, without having our projects become bogged down or delayed. All of our bespoke software projects will have a dedicated project manager, who will act as your point of contact for the entirety of your project and keep you informed on progress every step of the way. This gives you complete control over updates and ensures that your project runs as smoothly as possible.

Industries and Sectors We Work With

With many years of experience under our belt, the Savant team have worked extensively across a wide range of different industries. We’re open to projects in any sector, and our team works closely with you to understand your specific needs and the needs of your industry. Sectors we have worked with include:

To learn more about our bespoke software offering, or to get in touch with the team and see how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Savant team.

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