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What is Database Development?

Database development is the design, build and creation of a custom database.

Databases come in all manner of sizes, layouts, infrastructures and capacities, which makes database development and creation key to a successful wider database management strategy. Choosing from the different types of databases can help organisations build a well-oiled machine that meets all of their database needs, and is futureproofed from new developments in database design.

Savant will ensure that each database design and development is custom to the needs of your unique database(s) and infrastructure. Whether you are looking to align your business needs with a single or multi database solution, need a brand new database tool or are looking to update legacy systems, we can help. Each custom database development aims to improve the efficiency of data storage, retrieval and build a streamlined service with data integrity.

The Database Development Process with Savant

At Savant, we understand that the process of commissioning a new custom database development project can be a daunting one.

Your data is business-critical, therefore the analysis, design, development, testing and implementation processes in relation to a database all need to be of an exceptionally high standard.

Savant will work with businesses to ensure that the database design decisions are right for your organisation, and ensure that these are detailed into the requirements and design specifications.

During the development of your project, you will be kept updated with progress. Savant will provide support during the ‘Go Live’ phase and from there can provide on-going monitoring of the project, along with further support if required

The Importance of High-Quality Database Design & Database Development

Databases are used in some form, in almost every organisation in the world. Whether it is a short list of customer contact details or multiple databases that utilise machine learning and assistive technology to communicate, store and deliver sensitive data such as credit card details or medical histories. There will be some level of data held by your company.

An appropriately  designed database that meets user requirements and has all of the desirable properties needed for your team can make life considerably easier, with essential data and files all held in accessible database format.

Many issues can arise when using outdated databases that are not fit for purpose, including performance and security issues. Importantly, these issues are not restricted to your IT departments or database specialists – they affect your entire organisational infrastructure!

A high-quality bespoke database can help to improve your organisational performance by:


Reducing or eliminating business downtime

Every time a legacy system encounters issues, crashes, or cannot record the data that your team requires, you are losing time! A performant expertly designed and installed database system will prevent frustrations with clunky and slow software.

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Improved data security

Data security is one of the fastest-moving disciplines in the modern world. Cybersecurity in old legacy database technologies can have many flaws and is often easier for malicious entities to gain access to. By updating your database, you are also updating your security.

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Building trust

Having bespoke and up-to-date technology in your databases and table structure shows your users and potential clients that you are dedicated to the safety of their data, and are taking the appropriate measures to ensure cybersecurity where possible.

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Regularly updating data

For an increasing number of organisations, data is moving at a faster rate than ever, and in much greater volumes. Databases that have the required data integrity and are consistently updated, both automatically and manually by staff, will perform better and allow users to carry out additional tasks more easily.

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Opening up new opportunities for analysis

The functions and analysis tasks that databases can perform are becoming increasingly advanced, which is something that organisations should be taking advantage of when looking to make accurate decisions about operations within the business.

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Improving opportunities for automation

As the operating environment for databases becomes more advanced, there is significantly more automation and analysis that can be baked into your database development project. This allows many organisations to streamline their operations and reduce costs via operational automation.

Using Database Development and Maintenance to Protect Your Business

As well as database development and design, the team at Savant also offer a range of database maintenance and support services to keep you moving even after your new database system has been moved into a live environment.

In addition to reducing the workload on your internal teams, support services for databases can ensure that experts in this field are responsible for managing, administering, and maintaining the database infrastructure. We can assist with a range of requirements, including:

  • Database configuration
  • Database monitoring
  • Automation design
  • Backup and failover management
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Working with Savant for your Database Development Services

Reliable database developers with the relevant knowledge and experience can be difficult to find, therefore it is vital that you choose a provider you trust for your projects. Many databases are mission-critical for organisations, so the importance of a seamless database development effort and implementation cannot be overstated.

Outsourcing database development services to a specialised database development company is one of the most affordable and efficient methods of creating new database systems and database schema.

As technologies have changed, so has our knowledge of databases. We have developed our own database support packages and software in addition to providing bespoke database design and development services. Having achieved this demonstrates not only our expertise but also our commitment to helping enterprises improve their database management in the long-term – beyond just pushing custom databases to production environments.

Please get in touch with our technical team on 01524 784400, or by using the form on our website, if you would like to learn more about our Database Development services and how we can help your organisation. Our database experts will be on hand to help you and learn about your unique requirements.


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