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Tissue & Stem Cell Matching System

Hematos Provides a Comprehensive Management Environment

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Hematos Lab System

Exclusively sold in the UK by Savant

Hematos is in daily use by NHS Blood and Transplant; with whom Savant have worked closely since 2004 to customise the Hematos system to fulfil the requirements of NHSBT specialist labs.

Pulse Control System

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Barcodes & Labelling

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Donating Blood

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Hematos is a Highly Flexible and Configurable System

Hematos Blood & Tissue Test System

The system is designed for use by specialist blood, tissue typing and testing and stem cell typing and testing organisations.

Hematos is developed by Medinfo. It is a global multi-lingual product in use across the world. Hematos uses Oracle as its back-end database – ensuring Hematos is secure and reliable.

Off-the-shelf or Customised: The Choice is Yours

Hematos Provides a Comprehensive Management Environment

Hematos is used to support diverse kinds of patient and donor testing, tissue typing, matching and reporting. In addition, for the Stem Cell Donation and Transplantation functions, the system is also used to support the collection, processing and distribution of stem cell and cord blood products and the creation and maintenance of a searchable registry of potential adult bone marrow/stem cell donors and a searchable bank of cord blood donations.

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Savant Software Development

Savant specialises in software and database development.


The Digital Marketplace provides easy access to Savant’s range of services, saving your organisation time and money in the procurement process.

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From mobile applications and cloud development to relational databases, we can develop software for a wide range of platforms.

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Mobile App

Savant have built web-service-driven mobile applications to support organisations both large and small.

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Barcodes &
ISBT Labelling

The Barcode and labelling software developed is used extensively by UK blood transfusion services and within our own software products.

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we support organisations from the NHS and local government, to SMEs and large corporations.

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