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IT Support

Our I.T. services team has been supporting national infrastructure projects since 1992, assisting customers gain the best results from their technology investments.

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Technical Support

Savant Technical Support Service

Our Savant I.T. CARE technical support service has built a reputation for reliability and value. Customers gain peace-of-mind; knowing their IT system is in safe hands.

Users of this service typically experience: an improvement in the quality of their support – with greater system up-time; a reduction in the overall cost of ownership of their systems; and as a result, gain an edge on winning more business.

We approach every prospective client in a similar way:

We start with a discovery session.
We review your goals and business needs.
We recommend a service level to match.

Mobile App Development

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OpenVMS Support

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Software Testing

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Technical Helpdesk

We Can Offer Multi-Site Support

Our helpdesk is staffed by friendly technicians who are experienced and who talk in plain English rather than techno-babble.

Our experience shows that over 90% of I.T problems are resolved by the helpdesk – removing the need for desk-side support. There are however occasions when the problem cannot be resolved remotely, so arrangements for an onsite visit can be made.

Savant I.T. CARE technical support provides you with:

A single point-of-contact for all IT issues.
Established procedures.
Proactive advice.

Support & Migration

What Does an IT Support Company Do?

Savant Offers A Wide Range Of IT Support

Information technology support companies provide assistance to clients on many different aspects of their digital, networking and software infrastructure – this includes computers, telecommunications, cloud services, software, mobile devices, and services, among many others! In addition to network setup, VOIP services, helpdesk support, cloud management, and repairs, an IT support company provides a team of expert engineers who are experts in all areas of IT. Businesses that are growing and using more complicated technology may find IT support companies a useful addition to their business, especially if they are not able to justify employing an in-house IT department.

As an alternative to an in-house IT team, outsourcing the support is a great option, as it not only provides a full team of expert engineers and around the clock service, but also costs considerably less than an in-house team. In addition, you pay only for the services you need, which can be adjusted to fit the changing needs of your business. The employees of support companies possess a large range of professional skills, ensuring that your business receives the guidance and assistance it needs to run efficiently, effectively, and securely.

Is an IT Support Service Right for Your Organisation?

Software & Hardware IT Support Services

A managed IT service company can manage any or all aspects of your IT infrastructure on your behalf, from software and hardware to servers and data management. In addition to regular IT audits and penetration testing, your systems can also be monitored 24/7 to ensure they remain secure. Besides fixing IT issues when they occur, your IT support partners should also take a range of preventative and proactive measures, in order to limit the problems your IT systems might face. The primary task of an IT support team is to minimize any potential downtime your business may experience due to an outage of any kind. For businesses and organisations in the scientific, medical, finance, legal and many other sectors, reducing downtime is incredibly important to ensure the safety and continuity of your work, so having an IT support partner on your side couldn’t be more important.

IT Support with Savant

Savant IT Support Services

At Savant, we have extensive experience in working with organisations requiring IT Support services, in a range of different capacities. Some of the services we offer include:

General technical solutions support & administration (including technical consulting and systems administration).
System and system infrastructure design including backend storage subsystems (such as work with storage area networks, storage systems, SAN, system design, and HPE systems).
Microsoft Windows domain administration (including work with Microsoft AD, domain admin, domain systems).
Consulting/Design/Administration in virtualisation technologies (including services and technologies such as VMware consulting, Microsoft HyperV, Hypervisor design and VMware clustering).
Networking and resilient multi-path networking (including network consulting, switch stacking, Cisco, HPE networking, high availability design).

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What to Look for in an IT Support Organisation

Savant Technical Helpdesk

When you’re looking for an IT support organisation, there are several important aspects to consider. At Savant, we’re passionate about providing incredible IT support service to our customers. When looking for the right IT Support service provider for your organisation, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind:

Our Experience

You want to work with an IT Support provider that has a proven track record, and the expertise needed to support you in the event of issues with your IT. We have been providing up-to-date and expert guidance and support to our customers for almost 30 years, so we have extensive knowledge within our team. Since 1992, our team has been helping our clients stay ahead of the curve when it comes to their IT infrastructure. We help our customers to implement best practices in their IT systems and futureproof their computing systems in the event of disasters, attacks, updates or new ways of working.

Our Communication

IT can be an exceptionally complex subject, and without in-house tech capabilities, the organisations we work with need to understand their own IT as well as possible. Our team are experts at breaking down highly technical concepts into layman’s terms, making communication with Savant’s IT Support teams simple. We understand that even the best team of engineers can’t offer proper IT support to business and organisational customers if we can’t communicate the issues and solutions we offer clearly and simply.

Helpdesk Support –

Having an engaged and proactive helpdesk makes solving any IT support issue so much easier. Our technical helpdesk is available as your first point of call to solve a huge range of issues. Our helpdesk staff have a huge understanding of the many different IT issues that come our way, but also have the understanding required to escalate your issues if needed. Our friendly helpdesk team are able to solve most of the queries that come their way, but we also know when an escalation into a different department or an onsite visit is required, and are always happy to facilitate this on behalf of our clients.

To find out more about IT support, how the team at Savant can help or to make an enquiry with our expert IT team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01524 784400, or by using the form on our website.

we support organisations from the NHS and local government, to SMEs and large corporations.

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