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Li-LAC Feed Interfaces

Labelling, Control and Tracking

Savant and Clevermed have jointly built an interface between Li-LAC MMC (Maternity Milk Checking)
and Badgernet EPR, using the Badgernet EPR Spine product.











Li-LAC MMC has been enhanced to include a feed interface between the app and Clevermed’s Badgernet EPR system. This feed interface uses wi-fi to send all baby feeds that are checked and recorded at the cot-side by Li-LAC MMC automatically to Badgernet EPR at the point when the feed
is confirmed.

This feed interface removes the necessity for a nurse/midwife to log on to Badgernet EPR to enter details of the feed as it will immediately show there.

This feed interface mirrors the feed interface that is already in place between Savant’s Li-LAC MMC app and the Li-LAC database used by the Li-LAC MB (Milk Bank) application to build the cross references and tracking information recording which bottle of DEBM (Donor Expressed Breast Milk) was fed to which baby. This interface also supports recording all feeds in the central database that were checked by Li-LAC MMC and fed to a baby for audit and traceability purposes.


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