Labelling, Control and Tracking

Li-LAC – Human Breast Milk Labelling and Tracking System

Savant’s Li-LAC™ human milk bank system enables you to manage all aspects of human breast milk banking: from donation, to labelling, testing and production; through to tracking and distribution.











Li-LAC MB (Milk Bank)

Li-LAC MB is a web-based application that provides a centralised track-and-trace control system for milk bank management. Li-LAC MB can be bought as Software as a Service – with no upfront costs and only ongoing subscriptions payable. Or if you prefer, Li-LAC MB can be a local/internal installation – run on your own servers.


Li-LAC MB (Milk Bank) – Features

  • Specifically designed for managing human milk bank donations
  • Full traceability, with a comprehensive audit trail of all modifications
  • Enforces standardised labelling of products, integrated into production processes
  • Work flow management allows multiple processing work-flows to be defined and managed for different milk products

Li-LAC MMC (Maternity Milk Checking)

Li-LAC MMC is designed for use in maternity and neonatal units to: firstly, check that maternal milk expressed in the unit is only given to the mother’s baby; and secondly to link donated milk (supplied to the baby unit) with the recipient baby.


Li-LAC MMC (Maternity Milk Checking) – Features

  • Labels all expressed breast milk (EBM) bottles with recipient(s)
  • Labels all Fortified and Formula feeds with recipient(s)
  • Produces bottle labels for home use
  • Re-labels Thawed milk
  • Labels all feed syringes
  • Checks feed can be given to baby at cot side
  • Checks feed product has not expired
  • Records all feed details (product, who, volume, when)
  • Records other feeds (breast, non-scanned)











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