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Li-LAC MB – Milk Bank

Labelling, Control and Tracking

Savant designs, develops, supplies and supports IT applications to increase the safety and security of the use of human expressed breast milk. When babies are being cared for in a hospital’s neonatal, special care or maternity unit it  is essential that the feeds they are given are those that they should receive.  Li-LAC labels and checks that each feed is being administered to the right baby and records all information about the feed.

Savant understands the steps and checks involved in feeding babies in a hospital and can provide secure solutions for baby feeding including the following applications: 

Li-LAC MB (Milk Bank) is an application used in a milk bank to manage all processes related to donor expressed breast milk (DEBM) donation, processing, testing, authorisation, issue and track-and-trace.











Li-LAC MB (Milk Bank)

Li-LAC MB is a comprehensive management and track-and-trace system that includes donor management, milk labelling, milk and serology testing, authorisation, issue control and tracking in a milk bank. The application is fully compliant with the UK NICE guidelines, using ISBT128 international standard barcodes to label the donor expressed breast milk (DEBM) milk. 

Li-LAC MB is a web-based application that provides a centralised track-and-trace control system for milk bank management. Li-LAC MB can be purchased as Software as a Service – with no upfront costs and only ongoing subscriptions payable, or if you prefer Li-LAC MB can be installed locally to run on your own servers.

The following are the key features of the Li-LAC MB (Milk Bank) application:

 The Features of Li-LAC MB (Milk Bank)

  • Specifically designed for managing human milk bank donations
  • Every step in the process for taking, recording, testing, splitting, pasteurising and authorising donor breast milk donations is controlled by the system
  • Comprehensive management of breast milk donors via a Donor CRM system
  • Enforces standardised labelling of breast milk products, integrated into production processes
  • Full management of donor serology and milk bacteriology testing and test results
  • Fully compliant with UK NICE guidelines
  • Full traceability of donor expressed breast milk products (DEBM), with a comprehensive audit trail of all modifications
  • Workflow management allows multiple processing workflows to be defined and managed for different milk products.











    Features And Benefits

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    Tracking Capabilities

    The Benefits of Li-LAC MB (Milk Bank)

    Use of Li-LAC MB (Milk Bank) in your milk bank will give the following benefits:

    • Enforced compliance to UK NICE guidelines
    • Ensures a consistent approach is taken for all breast milk donation processing
    • Forces unique traceable labels to be affixed to all milk products
    • A paperless system removes the need to record for any donor or breast milk donation information on paper records
    • A single accessible database of all information needed to record and track donor breast milk information
    • Will not allow DEBM to be issued if it has not completed all authorisation checks
    • Easy tracking of all donations from the donor to the hospital they have been issued to
    • Comprehensive reporting of all breast milk products, from the volume of donations received from a donor to donations that have failed testing, to current milk stocks, to the issue of milk products to hospitals.
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    “Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust have worked closely with Savant for over a year to support the implementation of the Li-LAC MMC (Maternity Milk Checking) system in our NICU and maternity departments, and more recently the Li-LAC MB (Milk Bank) system. Savant’s consultant was very easy to build a working relationship with, very personable, responsive and is extremely knowledgeable of the products and how they can be used in the maternity setting. He has a genuine enthusiasm and motivation to help and make the processes work for the nursing staff. Savant’s consultant was an excellent communicator and trainer and it has been a pleasure working with him. I would recommend Savant to other Trusts looking to implement a closed loop system to improve the safety for patients and staff within maternity departments.”

    – Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust


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