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Labelling, Control and Tracking

Li-LAC – Human Breast Milk Labelling and Tracking System

Savant designs, develops, supplies and supports IT applications to increase the safety and security of the use of human expressed breast milk. When babies are being cared for in a hospital’s neonatal, special care or maternity unit it  is essential that the feeds they are given are those that they should receive.  Li-LAC labels and checks that each feed is being administered to the right baby and records all information about the feed.

Savant understands the steps and checks involved in feeding babies in a hospital and can provide secure solutions for baby feeding including the following applications:

Li-LAC MMC (Maternity Milk Checking) is HIMSS 6 and Scan4Safety compliant app that runs on a handheld smart scanner. The app is used in a Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU), Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or maternity unit to control all aspects of human expressed breast milk (EBM) labelling, expressed breast milk feed checking and tracking. 

Li-LAC MB (Milk Bank) is an application used in a milk bank to manage all processes related to donor expressed breast milk (DEBM) donation, processing, testing, authorisation, issue and track-and-trace.











Li-LAC MMC (Maternity Milk Checking)

Li-LAC MMC (Maternity Milk Checking) is an app that runs on a handheld smart device that is used in an SCBU, NICU or maternity unit to label expressed breast milk and check that EBM, DEBM, fortified and formula feeds are given to the right baby. It uses either the baby’s wristband barcode or a cot label to identify the baby prior to feeding.  The app is designed to minimise typing, utilising barcode scanning to capture information wherever possible. The app is compliant with HIMSS 6, using ISBT128 barcodes to hold all information. 

The app’s scope includes EBM and DEBM feed labelling, expressed breast milk feed checking at the point of feeding and recording every expressed breast milk feed given to a baby.

The Features of Li-LAC MMC (Maternity Milk Checking)

The following are the key features of the Li-LAC MMC (Maternity Milk Checking) app:

  • Labels all expressed breast milk (EBM) bottles with the recipient(s)
  • Labels all Fortified and Formula feeds with the recipient(s)
  • Produces EBM bottle labels for home use
  • Supports the use of thawed milk
  • Labels all feed syringes
  • Checks a feed can be given to the baby at the cot side
  • Checks a product to be fed has not expired
  • Records all feed details (product, who, volume, when, fortifier)
  • Expressed breast milk tracking
  • Records other recipient feeds (breast, non-scanned).











Features And Benefits

Easy Procurement

Label Printing

Tracking Capabilities

The Benefits of Li-LAC MMC (Maternity Milk Checking)

Use of Li-LAC MMC (Maternity Milk Checking) in a hospital will give the following benefits:

  • Stops the wrong feed (feed error or misfeed) being given to a baby
  • Ensures all feed products have easy-to-read scannable labels
  • Stops expired feeds being used or fed to a baby
  • Enforces full control at the point of feeding of the feed being given
  • Produces a comprehensive record of all feeds given to a baby
  • Logs instances of potential wrong feeds (misfeeds) being given, with details of the person who attempted the feed
  • Reduces staffing requirements at the point of feeding with the app acting as the second check for a feed
  • Compliant with Scan4Safety guidelines and HIMSS 6 closed-loop processes.

Li-LAC MB (Milk Bank)

Li-LAC MB is a comprehensive management and track-and-trace system that includes donor management, milk labelling, milk and serology testing, authorisation, issue control and tracking in a milk bank. The application is fully compliant with the UK NICE guidelines, using ISBT128 international standard barcodes to label the donor expressed breast milk (DEBM) milk. 

Li-LAC MB is a web-based application that provides a centralised track-and-trace control system for milk bank management. Li-LAC MB can be purchased as Software as a Service – with no upfront costs and only ongoing subscriptions payable, or if you prefer Li-LAC MB can be installed locally to run on your own servers.

The following are the key features of the Li-LAC MB (Milk Bank) application:

 The Features of Li-LAC MB (Milk Bank)

  • Specifically designed for managing human milk bank donations
  • Every step in the process for taking, recording, testing, splitting, pasteurising and authorising donor breast milk donations is controlled by the system
  • Comprehensive management of breast milk donors via a Donor CRM system
  • Enforces standardised labelling of breast milk products, integrated into production processes
  • Full management of donor serology and milk bacteriology testing and test results
  • Fully compliant with UK NICE guidelines
  • Full traceability of donor expressed breast milk products (DEBM), with a comprehensive audit trail of all modifications
  • Workflow management allows multiple processing workflows to be defined and managed for different milk products.

The Benefits of Li-LAC MB (Milk Bank)

Use of Li-LAC MB (Milk Bank) in your milk bank will give the following benefits:

  • Enforced compliance to UK NICE guidelines
  • Ensures a consistent approach is taken for all breast milk donation processing
  • Forces unique traceable labels to be affixed to all milk products
  • A paperless system removes the need to record for any donor or breast milk donation information on paper records
  • A single accessible database of all information needed to record and track donor breast milk information
  • Will not allow DEBM to be issued if it has not completed all authorisation checks
  • Easy tracking of all donations from the donor to the hospital they have been issued to
  • Comprehensive reporting of all breast milk products, from the volume of donations received from a donor to donations that have failed testing, to current milk stocks, to the issue of milk products to hospitals.
newborn baby

How Is The Milk Labelled?

Every time milk is taken and inducted into the breast milk bank or the fridges used in the Unit, it is labelled with barcoded information. When the bottle labels are scanned using a handheld smart device, these labels will provide all of the relevant information needed surrounding that particular unit of milk. Freshly expressed milk is labelled straight away to ensure that the date of expression,  the mother who expressed it and the babies that the milk can be fed to are accurately recorded.  Scanning this bottle label at feed time, together with the baby’s wristband barcode will ensure that a newborn is never given the wrong or outdated milk. To make sure the process is quick, easy and accurate, the Li-LAC labelling and checking system is used, which consists of matching the bottle or syringe label for the baby. The app has been designed to minimise the need for typing, utilising scanning of existing barcodes wherever possible. To ensure the user experience is straightforward.

The baby wristband is checked to ensure that it corresponds with the information on the label on the milk.  The app notifies the medical staff whether they are compatible or not. This prevents any chance of a mix-up and removes room for human error and feeding the wrong milk product to a baby, which could be detrimental to the baby’s health. The cot-side check also ensures that the baby is not only given the correct milk product but also milk that is in date and safe. The application’s scope also includes the recording of all feeds in a feed log.  This allows a nurse to track feeding times and quantities for each baby in the unit.  This can help the mother and hospital staff ensure that the newborn baby is being sufficiently fed and fluid volumes are accurately recorded.

The Li-LAC suite itself has different applications as it can work for both uses with the milk bank (MB) and maternity milk checking (MMC). Scope for the app also includes EBM and DEBM feed labelling, expressed breast milk feed checking at the point of feeding and recording every expressed breast milk feed given to a baby. Li-LAC MB can be seamlessly integrated into the Li-LAC MMC app used on handheld smart devices to show which donor milk was fed to which baby to complete the full traceability of donor milk to the recipient. 

Key Uses For Li-LAC MB And MMC

Having total control over breast milk volume, storage and the number of units is extremely important for managing feeding services. The ability to keep records using the Li-LAC system can prove invaluable, especially when the benefits to every party involved are considered. All feed details can be tracked and logged to be later referred to. This improves the recording between the baby and the milk they are consuming, ensuring that it is being given at the right time and in the right amount. 

With the Li-LAC MB system, this can be used to manage the entire process of the milk bank, including logging the number of units and the usage for each one. The application is also fully compliant with the UK NICE guidelines, using ISBT128 international standard barcodes to label the donor-expressed breast milk (DEBM) milk. By having this critical, secure and robust system in place, you can ensure that no matter who is working with the milk bank, that the processes are followed that ensure milk is not issued from the milk bank that has not been authorised or passed all validation steps. The database underlying Li-LAC allows full reporting of milk in the milk bank to reduce the risk of milk not being available to hospitals that request stock.

The multi-user system also allows multiple staff to use the system at once, ensuring that everything is still logged accurately even during busy times. Should any issues occur or if a certain type of milk needs to be sourced quickly, a simple referral to the application will provide all of the information that staff will need, assuring that stock is visible and easily identifiable.

Breast Milk Labelling And Tracking System At Savant

At Savant, we pride ourselves on being able to provide products that improve lives and have ethical applications. As an employee-owned company, we understand the importance of collaboration and using the strengths of each of our employees to improve our offerings as a business. Li-LAC has been designed specifically to improve processes in commercial settings and ensure that hospitals, mothers and children can benefit as a result of the accurate tracking system.

Our Li-LAC MB product can be purchased as software and installed locally on your own servers. You’re also able to avoid any upfront costs by paying in monthly instalments. This can make the software more affordable as you can factor the costs into your monthly outgoings and manage your budget more effectively. Once the system is in use, you can ensure the safety of the milk being given to newborns and ensure that it is fully validated and authorised. 

To learn more about our breast milk labelling and tracking solution or to explore the options for applying the system, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. To email us directly, visit our website, where you’ll find our contact form. Using this form will send your enquiry directly to us with your contact details.  We aim to reply to you as soon as possible to begin discussing how our Li-LAC systems can benefit you. 

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