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Managing Director

Pete Gregg was appointed Managing Director of Savant in July 2020 after a four year tenure as Development Director. Pete has been with the company for many years and was appointed the first Employee Director of Savant from 2001 to 2004. As well as his Managing Director role, Pete is the Pulse Project Manager, responsible for the direction of the Pulse project and the supply of development and support to NHSBT, Isle of Man, Jersey and the Northern Ireland Blood Service. Pete provides the important Account Manager link between Savant and its clients – ensuring regular liaison and discussion with all key contacts. Pete also oversees the R&D projects and ideas initiatives within the team.

Director & Project Co-Ordinator

Rachel Wood was appointed a Director of Savant in July 2018.  Prior to joining Savant in 2006, Rachel worked in various roles including Administration and HR. Rachel’s initial role (which she still holds) as project manager of the PULSE Archiving Project has expanded throughout her time at Savant to include other work associated with PULSE, Marketing, Quality, and Internal Auditing.  Rachel is also our Incidents and Improvements Manager, our Marketing Coordinator and our GDPR Officer. Before becoming a director of the operating company Rachel was previously a Trustee of the Savant Group Employee Benefit Trust.

Employee Director

Clare Green is a Business Computing graduate and has been a software engineer at Savant since 1999, developing commercial software for a wide range of industries including health, education, nuclear and commercial services. Clare moved roles in 2023 from being a software engineer to a full-time project manager.  Her remit includes projects such as Hematos, Li-LAC and SSC.  Clare has been a Professional Member (Chartered IT Professional) of the British Computer Society for a number of years. Clare was appointed Employee Director in July 2019 and she represents the interests of Savant’s employees at Management and Board meetings.

Technical Director

George Tziros was appointed Technical Director in July 2022.  George graduated with a degree in computer aided Engineering and from there moved into Software Engineering rather than engineering.  George joined Savant in 1998 as a software developer, working on various PULSE applications.  From there George quickly progressed to creating and managing databases which has included working against the OpenVMS system.  As well as being our Technical Director and being a part of the development team, George is also the PULSE Database Administrator Manager.

Support & Testing Manager

Zepp Ruscillo joined the Support and Testing Team in 2007.  Prior to joining Savant, Zepp spent 10 years in health care.  Working with this field provided Zepp with a wealth of knowledge and experience in blood and laboratory systems.  In 2021, Zepp became Savant’s Support and Testing Manager which provides 24/7 support to our customers, the team also performs the testing of all Savant’s products and services.


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