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Business Continuity Management

Mataco™ is a cloud-based business continuity software system

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Mataco BCM Support

Cloud-Based Business Continuity Software System

Mataco Provides Full BCM Support
Mataco provides full support for the Business Continuity Management (BCM), Disaster Recovery (DR) and incident management processes.

Secure and Resilient Hosted Environment
Mataco is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) and is hosted by our hosting partner IOMart Server Hosting. They provide a secure, resilient service, providing assurance that your business critical data will always be available to you when you need it.

Flexible to Meet Your Requirements
Mataco offers a flexible database repository in which to record and maintain all the business information, documentation and tasks required for an effective, robust, and complete implementation of business continuity planning.

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Business Continuity Management &
Emergency Planning with Mataco

Keep Your Business Running With Mataco

As a cloud-based business continuity software system, Mataco allows you to centralise your business continuity plans and emergency planning into one place. Cloud-based applications are accessible from anywhere, which means that in the event of an outage or infrastructure issues, your business software and IT infrastructure will always remain accessible. At every stage of the business continuity, disaster recovery and incident management processes, Mataco can help to support, integrate and develop your strategies at every stage of their creation and implementation in order to create watertight business continuity plans and keep your organisation running safely and efficiently.

Using Mataco software allows users to easily record, develop, and implement Business Impact Analysis (BIA), and supports the generation of business continuity plans utilising this data. It also allows teams to implement individual steps of their BCPs, such as disaster recovery plans and incident management activation.

Once these plans are implemented and tracked within the Mataco software, tracking workflows throughout different areas of the business is made simple to ensure that from top to bottom, teams are aware of how to carry out the business continuity plans should the need arise. Mataco can also be used to instantly and regularly alert team leaders when business continuity plans are due for approval and when they require reviewing. Because all of the relevant information and documentation is held on one platform, Mataco enables training, development and implementation of business continuity plans to be carried out and monitored on a regular basis, ensuring that the knowledge and understanding of these processes is kept up to date and that all team members are aware of steps they and their teams need to take in the event of an emergency.

As Mataco is an entirely cloud-based software, it is not restricted to certain machines, locations or IP addresses. The companion application Mobile Mataco allows users to access business continuity plans on a mobile device, as well as allowing texts and emails to be sent via Mataco software, ensuring that organisations are still able to communicate and staff contact details are still available in the event that standard communication channels are inaccessible.

Mataco can be used in a whole range of different companies, including the science and healthcare sectors. Mataco software offers all organisations a range of useful tools to help create and implement effective business continuity plans, including:

Standards support
BIA Survey Tools
Incident Logging
Plan Production
Management Information
Risk Assessments

Adapt and Respond to Risks with a Business Continuity Plan

Keep Your Critical Information Running

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is about identifying the parts of your organisation that you cannot afford to lose – for example critical activities or functions, information, resources, premises, staff etc. – and planning how to maintain these if an incident occurs. There are a huge range of incidents that can occur in all sectors of business environments which is why business continuity planning can be so in-depth and complex. A business continuity plan can contain contingencies for potential threats and incidents such as:

Natural disasters like storms and floods
Fires and building collapses
Malicious attacks
Accidental damages
Cyber attacks
Disease outbreaks

Any incident, large or small, whether it is natural, accidental or deliberate, can cause major disruption to your organisation and can result in significant issues if not resolved quickly, planned for efficiently, and communicated to team members throughout your organisation.

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Business Continuity

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Business Continuity
vs. Disaster Planning & Recovery

We Can Help You Setup Your Backup Plan

These are two key elements of any business continuity management strategy and are vital to keeping businesses of all kinds running smoothly no matter what.

Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity

Use Mataco To Keep Your Business Running

Business continuity refers to the plans, processes and strategies that are put into place to ensure that in the event of an incident or emergency that can result in a loss of power, loss of data or any other significant change to the way your organisation operates. The steps and processes listed in a BCP are all designed to answer one question; “How can we continue to provide an acceptable level of service after a disaster?”. An effective Business Continuity Plan provides clear guidelines for how an organization can maintain operations in the event of a disaster. From executive management down, this process involves the entire organisation and everyone should know the basic steps required when an emergency response is needed.

It is important for business continuity to include different levels of response. Keeping the business running at a functional level is the most important thing, so decisions need to be made on which aspects of your operations are absolutely critical business functions to continue, and what can be deprioritised in the event of an emergency. When setting recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives, it is also vital to be realistic and honest about how this can be carried out.

Easy To Buy On
The Digital Marketplace

The public sector can buy Mataco via the G-Cloud framework on the Government’s Digital Marketplace. Private sector companies should contact Savant directly.

Available On
Smartphones & Tablets

Mataco is available for all iOS & Android smartphones & tablets – enabling mobile access to disaster recovery plans in-the-field and via the mobile phone network.

Disaster Recovery

Infrastructure & Data Loss Recovery

Disaster recovery refers to the systems that are in place to recover from disasters once the initial emergency phase is finished. This usually refers to infrastructural failures, data loss, or other technical issues. A disaster recovery plan answers the question “How will we recover from a disaster?” once it has occurred. Disaster planning and disaster recovery are just one part of any complete business continuity plan.

Disaster recovery plans may take a variety of forms, but most should include the following features:

Organisational Goals – A statement of goals will outline what the organization wants to achieve during or after a disaster, including the recovery point objective (RPO) – what full recovery looks like for the organisation – and the recovery time objective (RTO) – how long full recovery will take.
Key Personnel – The disaster recovery plan should specify who will be responsible for executing the plan, as well as how to deal with situations if individual people are unavailable.
Emergency Responses – Emergency management procedures should detail all emergency responses, including last-minute back ups, mitigation strategies, damage limitation, and responses to cybersecurity threats.
Updated IT Inventory – An updated IT inventory must list all hardware and software assets, as well as any cloud services necessary for the business’s operation, including whether the services are owned, leased, or used as a service.
Data Recovery Procedures – The disaster recovery plan should specify precisely where, on which devices and in which folders each data resource should be backed up, as well as how it is to be recovered from backup.
Disaster Recovery Sites – A robust disaster recovery plan must designate a recovery site in the event of a disaster. Mataco data is all located remotely in the cloud with a full backup strategy.
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