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OpenVMS Migration & Support

Savant has a range of public-sector customers benefiting from the resilience of OpenVMS, including: NHS Blood & Transplant, the States-of-Jersey government and the Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service.

Savant has experience in migrating OpenVMS clusters between hardware infastructures and between data centres while maintaining 100% service up-time for life-critical and mission-critical systems.

This remarkable acheivement exploits both the OpenVMS dual-site clustering capabilities and the fail-over and switching mechanisms.

Savant are OpenVMS Boot Camp annual event attendees and are part of the VSI Partner Program.

Safe And Protected Data

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Many years of working with XDelta on OpenVMS and OpenVMS clustering projects

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Proven Alpha to Integrity hardware migration experience – without service downtime

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OpenVMS data centre migration experience – including disaster tolerant clustering


Experience of migrating between HPE and VSI versions of OpenVMS

What is OpenVMS, and How Can it Be Used?

OpenVMS is an operating system, software, networking and infrastructure product that specialises in helping organisations build safe and secure infrastructures that can be used in a range of different locations and hold mission-critical data safely and securely. One of the key advantages of OpenVMS systems is the way that data can be accessed and shared via multiple ports in different locations, meaning that even if one unit fails, the system as a whole remains unaffected. The OpenVMS platform allows for data to be held in multiple locations, without creating security risks, making it a popular choice for large organisations working with sensitive data, such as the healthcare, finance and legal sectors, to name just a few.

Clustering is what makes OpenVMS so successful; the technology was developed by DEC (Digital Equipment Corp) in the early 1980’s, and it is this feature that gives OpenVMS an edge over other similar operating systems. In computing terms, clustering two or more servers together in order to provide failover (in case of a server failure) is of absolute paramount importance. By having two or more servers in a “cluster”, OpenVMS is highly disaster-tolerant and can handle every possible failure without any appreciable or significant downtime, as any and all applications can continue to run on the remaining servers, without any disruption to the end-user.

OpenVMS is currently provided and developed by a company called VMS Software Inc (VSI), with who we have a very close working relationship at Savant. OpenVMS was originally developed in the early 80’s by DEC (Digital Equipment Corp.), which was then taken over by Compaq and then by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). This is a system that is heavily used by the finance industry and security sectors, along with healthcare and some private enterprises to provide a range of infrastructure and network services.

Who Can Use OpenVMS Systems?

OpenVMS is used by a wide range of different businesses across a huge range of sectors, including both private and public sector organisations. Generally, OpenVMS is used by larger organisations with multiple sites or extensive data infrastructure requirements. Because OpenVMS is a system that is designed to offer support and continuity, even in difficult situations, it is ideal for use in a range of high-uptime sectors, such as hospitals and medical institutions. 

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OpenVMS Migration & Support Services from Savant

At Savant, we have been working with OpenVMS environments for many years, and have a close working relationship with VSI, so our team are always ahead of the curve when it comes to new functionalities, updates and patches. As a trusted VSI partner, we have worked with many different organisations and have helped them implement OpenVMS through OpenVMS Migration, OpenVMS Consultancy and OpenVMS System and Infrastructure Support. 

OpenVMS Migration services include the movement of entire systems into bespoke OpenVMS infrastructure, to set up a brand-new OpenVMS structure for clients. 

OpenVMS System and Infrastructure Support is a service in which clients can receive support on the mission-critical aspects of their operations, and how to implement an OpenVMS system to support these life-critical actions.

OpenVMS Consultancy services allow the Savant team to advise and consult on how OpenVMS systems are set up and ways to improve the existing structure of the system. This includes the creation of clusters and advice on OpenVMS clustering in a new infrastructure system.

To find out more about OpenVMS Migration and Support services, or to learn how the team at Savant can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today.


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