Software products that just work – day-after-day, year-after-year

When it comes to selecting a software product, you need a supplier you can rely on.

Being an employee owned company – with no shareholder influence – allows us to ‘go that extra yard’ and produce fully-featured, reliable software products – that are still competitively priced.

Savant software products include:

  • Hematos IIG is a specialist blood/tissue typing & testing and stem cell typing & testing management system
  • LabelCyte is a desktop application that enable labs & hospitals to create SEC labels and unique, sequential JACIE and ISBT128 compliant donation number barcodes.
  • Li-LAC is a cloud-enabled human breast-milk barcode labelling and tracking system
  • Mataco is a business continuity planning & incident management support system; for desktops & mobile devices
  • Pulse is an OpenVMS-based blood and tissue management & control system – in use by 4 blood services
  • SSC is a cloud-enabled secure stock control and warehouse system – aimed at clinical installations