LabelCyte – JACIE & ISBT128 Compliant Human Tissue Product Labelling

LabelCyte from Savant assists hospitals, stem-cell labs and tissue banks in complying with the JACIE-accreditation requirement for human tissue product labelling.

Simplifying JACIE Regulatory Compliance

LabelCyte enables you to create SEC barcode labels and to automatically create unique, sequential ISBT128 compliant donation number barcodes.

Labelcyte works with both Zebra and Brady label printers, and can generate barcodes in: Linear, 2D (data matrix) or QR barcode formats.

New Version (v1.3)

The latest (May 2019) update to LabelCyte includes: [1] search for donations using donor name, patient ID, product code or blood group, and [2] manufacture a product into a new product.

Web-based Demo Available

As an alternative to the locally-installed demo version, you can try the web-based version – by contacting Savant for a web address and password.

Fully-featured 30-day LabelCyte (v1.3) demo now available. Enter your details to enable the download…

    LabelCyte Setup Guide

    LabelCyte Features and Benefits

    LabelCyte is Savant software

    • Create unique, sequential ISBT128-standard donation numbers
    • FACT-JACIE and ICCBBA/ISBT128 compliant labelling possible
    • Use existing Zebra or Brady printers for labelling
    • Labels are Single European Code (SEC) compliant
    • Linear, 2D (data matrix) and QR barcode labels available
    • Print multiple labels with donation number details
    • Print ‘Collection’, ‘Final’ and ‘Bio-hazard’ product labels
    • Label split packs
    • Secure login and user management functions
    • Includes database access with no storage limits
    • Automatic data backups

    LabelCyte Brochure