Blood Bank Control & Management System

PULSE powers the whole donation-to-recipient lifecycle for blood, tissue and ocular services. PULSE is in daily use by: NHS Blood & Transplant, States-of-Jersey BTS, Isle-of-Man BTS and Northern Ireland BTS.

PULSE is a Control System

PULSE controls the management and enrolment of donors and enables efficient donation session planning. PULSE also controls the critical laboratory testing, labelling and stock tracking stage – which ends with the safe and correct dispatch of blood and tissues to hospitals and medical research institutions.

Thanks to PULSE, people who freely give their blood or tissue – as many as 6000 donations a day – are able to make an often life-saving contribution to the recipient.

With over 1.5 million donations a year being split into many products, potentially 100 million patients could have benefited over the last twenty years – from a blood transfusion, tissue transplant or therapeutic (platelet) treatment.

PULSE is a Management System

For over 20 years, PULSE has also functioned as a management information system, that provides accurate, real-time information to anybody who needs to know the state of the nation’s blood and tissue supplies: NHSBT managers, public health agencies, the wider NHS and Government bodies.

With hardware and software support from Savant, PULSE has run daily since 1996. As an illustration of how resilient and robust the Pulse system is, the IoM BTS are currently enjoying over 2000 days of uninterrupted PULSE uptime. As the Pulse system runs on the VMS operating system, this is no surprise!

PULSE – providing a comprehensive management environment

Allows tracking of high value stock items from delivery to issue

Saves money by optimising the ordering process

Enables sites to have control of consumable items in stock

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