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PULSE powers the whole donation-to-recipient lifecycle for blood, tissue and ocular services. PULSE is in daily use by: NHS Blood & Transplant, States-of-Jersey BTS, Isle-of-Man BTS and Northern Ireland BTS.

PULSE is a Control System

PULSE controls the management and enrolment of donors and enables efficient donation session planning. PULSE also controls the critical laboratory testing, labelling and stock tracking stage – which ends with the safe and correct dispatch of blood and tissues to hospitals and medical research institutions.

Thanks to PULSE, people who freely give their blood or tissue – as many as 6000 donations a day – are able to make an often life-saving contribution to the recipient.

With over 1.5 million donations a year being split into many products, potentially 100 million patients could have benefited over the last twenty years – from a blood transfusion, tissue transplant or therapeutic (platelet) treatment.

PULSE is a Management System

For over 20 years, PULSE has also functioned as a management information system, that provides accurate, real-time information to anybody who needs to know the state of the nation’s blood and tissue supplies: NHSBT managers, public health agencies, the wider NHS and Government bodies.

With hardware and software support from Savant, PULSE has run daily since 1996. As an illustration of how resilient and robust the Pulse system is, the IoM BTS are currently enjoying over 2000 days of uninterrupted PULSE uptime. As the Pulse system runs on the VMS operating system, this is no surprise!

PULSE – providing a comprehensive management environment


Allows tracking of high value stock items from delivery to issue

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Saves money by optimising the ordering process


Enables sites to have control of consumable items in stock

Why a Blood Bank Management System is Important

Blood bank management allows for health services, laboratories and transfusion medicine providers, including NHS Blood and Transplant in England, Jersey, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man, to improve the safety and effectiveness of their service. A blood bank management system and service needs to be able to guarantee the safety and quality of the service they provide, both to ensure quality management and continued access to blood stocks, but also to ensure patient safety as part of an end-to-end process. Blood banks and blood entries also need to be able to meet targets and ensure blood stocks are maintained.

In today’s world, there is a huge volume of information that needs to be easily available and communicable with other parties to ensure a high-quality service from one end of the process to the other. Having multiple different software packages for each step of the process can be problematic as there are incompatibilities, inconsistencies and different processes between different teams and stages of the process. PULSE is a completely integrated system that allows for full management of blood banks and blood centres. From donations to issue to hospital, a fully integrated software system allows for a smoother, more streamlined process, and a better, more efficient product for users, patients and administrative staff.

What Makes PULSE Different?

PULSE is a software system written by Savant that supports the blood, tissue and eye donation process for a range of organisations, including NHS Blood and Transplant in England, Jersey, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man, with a range of different functionalities that help to support regular operations, streamline processes and provide a range of failsafe’s. This ensures that blood, tissue and eye donations are stored, tracked, labelled and delivered in a way that is safe, efficient and works perfectly within a modern medical and scientific context. Some of the features of the PULSE control and management system include:

  • Laboratory TestingThe single most important step of the process when it comes to patient safety and blood/tissue safety is laboratory testing. Using PULSE, every step of the laboratory testing process can be tracked, monitored and checked to ensure that nothing is missed. Whether testing blood cells, blood cell antigens, platelet count, blood diseases or classification of blood components, PULSE helps to improve management in blood bank facilities and ensure that blood/tissue for transfusion and research is always safe for patients to receive. 
  • Stock ManagementHaving a strong, rolling and in-depth understanding of the stock available to hospitals, labs and other recipients is incredibly important for blood banks and blood storage facilities. PULSE helps to provide blood bank staff, including the NHS Blood Stocks Management Scheme with real-time information and a range of important data that allows them to make the right decisions when it comes to intake, management and distribution of blood stocks.
  • Safe Dispatch to Hospitals Obviously, one of the key elements in the process of blood and tissue tracking and monitoring is ensuring that the products get to the patients that need them, when they need them and are exactly right for the requirements of medical teams and patients alike. Intelligent use of the PULSE software from Savant can help to ensure that blood and tissue donations are transported safely and on time, every time.

  • Flexible Configuration – the PULSE system is not a rigid one and can be expertly configured to meet the exact requirements of your organisation. The system offers many different options to tailor the software to the specific needs of an organisation without worrying about compromising on safety or performance.
managing blood donations

To learn more about the PULSE system or any of the other products and services we offer to improve the safety and efficiency of your organisation and of blood donations nationwide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The team at Savant are highly experienced when it comes to working with the medical and scientific sectors so we really do understand how these industries work, and what is important to you and your organisation.


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