Bespoke Software Development

At Savant our focus is on flexible software systems that just work – 24/7.

Bespoke Software Systems

Savant specialise in bespoke software and database development. Over the past 25 years, we have repeatedly delivered custom software solutions that boost productivity, improve accuracy and please the users.

We will advise you at project conception on the most appropriate software solution for your needs. If you only need a small, low-cost utility to print labels (like Archie or DCM), that is what we will deliver. Likewise, if you only want to outsource a small part of your system development, we can provide software development on a ‘purchase order’ basis. Bigger software projects (like Dalbeattie), will have a dedicated project manager assigned.

We use proven technologies and development methodologies to create our software, delivering solutions across a wide range of platforms to meet your requirements, from mobile apps and cloud development to relational databases. Our mantra is: be agile in development, don’t just do Agile development.

We can also work with legacy systems: taking on OpenVMS migration projects, updating database environments or working with you to develop and deploy replacement software & hardware.

Archie – Medical Archive Labelling

Archie - Logo
The design brief for Archie was for a cheap, simple-to-use solution to replace end-of-life hardware; software that operators could pick up and use with no training. The previous system comprised of obsolete hardware with a small built-in LCD screen – which was hard wired to a label printer. The Android app we developed, uses bluetooth printer connectivity to interface to Zebra labelling devices and is deployed on cheap tablets – keeping the projects costs low.

Archie enables medical archiving codes and descriptions to be loaded from existing spreadsheets. The Archie app automatically checks for updates in the background, but can be manually updated as required. Utilising the existing spreadsheet allowed Archie to be implemented with minimal disruption to a busy medical archive department.

Dalbeattie Finance System

Dalbeattie Finance System
During 2017-18 Savant developed a web-based finance control software solution for Dalbeattie Finance. The project objective was to control the finance loans and savings accounts through a new management ‘dashboard’. Collaborating with the client, we identified the functions required for a new system, and Savant were able to improve & streamline the existing functionality.

The new system complies with the industry-required financial rules & regulations, and provided Dalbeattie with the ability to produce CAIS/BACS data extracts and to better forecast cash flow.

Donor Card Management

Donor Card Management application
In response to a customer requirement, Savant designed and implemented a management application for on-demand printing of plastic identity cards.

Using our vast knowledge of barcodes & label printers, we developed DCM to be able to print: linear, 2D data matrix and QR barcode identifiers – on pre-printed or blank ID cards. The customer liked the ability to employ monochrome or colour printing, use alternative images and that all barcodes are ISBT 128 standards compliant.