Digital Marketplace – Easy Software Procurement

Savant awarded a place in both the ‘Cloud Services’ and ‘Software-as-a-Service’ supplier categories.

The Digital Marketplace provides easy access to Savant’s range of services, saving your organisation time and money in the procurement process. Savant’s Li-LAC, Mataco and SSC software services are available via the G-Cloud framework.

The Easy Way to procure Software Services

If you are a public sector organisation, then you can now procure Savant’s services for implementation, migration, support, testing and consultancy of cloud based services from the UK government’s Digital Marketplace.

Savant has been awarded a place on the Digital Marketplace to deliver:

  • The implementation of cloud-based applications and web services
  • The support of cloud-based applications and web services
  • The migration of cloud-based applications and web services
  • Database cloud migration consultancy
  • Testing of cloud based applications
  • OpenVMS migration to the cloud
  • Oracle and SQL migration to the cloud
  • IPv4 to IPv6 consultancy for cloud implementations

About the Digital Marketplace

The Digital Marketplace is an online catalogue of the services available for purchase via the G-Cloud framework – and includes the core features and prices for the services – as well as supplier terms & conditions.

The Digital Marketplace can be used by organisations across the UK public sector including central government, local government, health, education, devolved administrations, emergency services, defence and non-for profit organisations to purchase cloud services.

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) administers the Digital Marketplace – which is fully EU compliant and provides easy access to a range of services, saving both buyers & suppliers time and money.

About the G-Cloud framework

The G-Cloud framework, which is signed by all suppliers offering cloud services on the Digital Marketplace, supports the Government’s policy to centrally manage the procurement of common goods and services through an integrated procurement function at the heart of government.

About the Crown Commercial Service

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has brought together Government’s central commercial capability into a single organisation, amalgamating Government Procurement Service with other commercial teams from the Cabinet Office and central government departments.

CCS is an executive agency of the Cabinet Office and operates as a trading fund under the Government Trading Funds Act 1973. Their remit is to work with both departments and organisations across the whole of the public sector to ensure maximum value is extracted from every commercial relationship and improve the quality of service delivery.

Savant are a Crown Commercial Service supplier