Harness the Flexibility of Mobile Applications

Mobile applications running on hand-held devices have revolutionised the way we all use software. This may be through improved contact with your customers or by innovating the way organisations capture, store and use business data.

Robust Web Services

At Savant we have built web-service-driven mobile applications to support organisations both large and small.

All our mobile applications (which are not smartphone ‘apps’) are built on rock-solid connections to local or remote databases, ensuring they can handle high volumes of data – the lifeblood of information systems.

Our philosophy is for clean and lightweight code to ensure high performance.

Our web services capabilities are second to none, supporting national infrastructure projects 24 hours per day.

Business Benefits of Mobile Applications

We could help your organisation harness the many benefits of software running on portable devices:

  • Reduce data input – by using barcode readers and automated data capture
  • Increase operator efficiency – and reduce errors
  • Provide on-demand information and access to members of the public or customers
  • Deliver up-to-the-minute information to workers ‘in-the-field’
  • Improve flexibility and accuracy by taking the application to the data source
  • Ensure a secure and robust transaction audit trail

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