OpenVMS™ Support and Migration Services

Savant has experience in migrating OpenVMS clusters between hardware infrastructures, and between data centres – while maintaining 100% service up-time for life-critical and mission-critical systems. This remarkable achievement exploits both the OpenVMS dual-site clustering capabilities and the fail-over & switching mechanisms.

Savant has a range of public-sector customers benefiting from the resilience of OpenVMS, including: NHS Blood & Transplant, the States-of-Jersey government and the Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service.

Savant are OpenVMS Boot Camp annual event attendees and are part of the VSI Partner Program.

Savant offer:

  • Many years of working with XDelta on OpenVMS and OpenVMS clustering projects
  • Proven Alpha to Integrity hardware migration experience – without service downtime
  • OpenVMS data centre migration experience – including disaster tolerant clustering
  • Experience of migrating between HPE and VSI versions of OpenVMS
  • Decades of VMS experience means we know how to support and migrate software from Digital and DEC

Savant know how to support and migrate software from Digital