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Having developed, tested and supported healthcare and businesses for over 30 years, Savant understands you need reliable software, that just works. 

We provide a comprehensive range of testing services to ensure your software works as you would expect, including:

  • Software Functionality Testing – We will undertake system testing and user acceptance testing (UAT), working with you during your development cycle, helping you “get it right first time” therefore potentially lowering your costs.
  • Compatibility Testing – We are able to test across many platforms – testing your systems for software compatibility on Unix, OpenVMS, Windows, iOS and Android.
  • Accessibility Testing – Our technical, user and automated testing services ensure that your system is accessible and usable by the widest possible range of people.
  • Usability Testing – We aim to help you improve the usability of your software enhancing the user experience. We can provide a range of services from expert review to full user evaluations

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is, essentially, what it says on the tin! Software that has been developed, whether for a mobile or web application, B2C product or internal system, will always be tested before being released to users.

Software development is an exceptionally complex process and will only become more so as technology advances. Potentially, this can lead to issues which developers are simply not able to resolve or even experience, due to the wide scope of the projects they work on. The number of different users and different use patterns within a project will also potentially throw up errors for users at the end of the development process. There is no way for developers to predict every single one of these errors, while also creating the code that is central to the function of the application.

Software testing is the process of evaluating and verifying that a software product or application does what it is supposed to do. The benefits of testing include preventing bugs, reducing development costs, and improving performance. 

The software testing and quality assurance process is carried out as a core stage of development, rather than seen as an “extra step”, to streamline the improvements process and ensure that any product that is released to users is as clean, functional and effective as possible.

The Importance of Software Testing

Software testing is crucial for every industry, and every project that goes through development should go through testing. The earlier software testing is carried out, the more effective development teams can be in resolving issues and improving the product.

Software testing can pick up a range of key issues, including:

  • Flaws in the application or project architecture
  • Poorly designed screens, buttons, features or graphics.
  • Invalid or incorrect functionalities
  • Security vulnerabilities that might leave data vulnerable to malicious attacks
  • Scalability issues that may cause problems in the future

This allows developers to not just identify issues and create a high-quality product, but also to tackle these issues in a timely manner.


Types of Software Testing

There are a wide range of testing challenges and different types of software testing available on the market today, and as the technical industry becomes even more innovative and expansive, the types of testing that are available become more diverse. There are many types of software testing that are part of software quality assurance services, including:

  • Acceptance testing: This type of testing is used to simply verify that the entire system is working effectively and meeting the standards set out in the initial project plan.
  • Unit testing: Validating that every individual software unit (the smallest testable components in an app) is working as it is meant to. 
  • Integration testing: Ensuring that all the components or functions on a piece of software operate together and are correctly integrated.
  • Functional testing: Testing the functionality of the software by emulating how it would be used on a day-to-day basis by the target users.
  • Performance testing: Testing the software’s performance under different workload conditions, for example, using load testing to evaluate software performance under real-life load conditions.
  • Regression testing/Sanity testing: Testing how existing software reacts to new features or changes to the code, and if they degrade or break any existing functionalities.
  • Stress testing: The process of finding out how much stress a system or piece of software can handle before it breaks, degrades, or loses functionality. 
  • Usability testing: Understanding how user-friendly the software is, and how well customers can use the application to carry out certain tasks.
  • Security testing: Examining potential weak spots in a programme or piece of hardware to ensure it remains safe and secure from hackers and other external parties. Security testing also has a large subset of test formats, including infrastructure penetration testing and ethical hacking.

Software Testing Services with Savant

At Savant, we offer a range of software testing services and quality assurance services to clients in both the private and public sector, including financial services, healthcare services and other government operations.

  • Software Functionality Testing – This includes system testing and user acceptance testing (UAT) that goes on throughout your development cycle. This kind of testing helps organisations reduce development costs and cut down on project timescales by helping developers deliver projects that are ready to launch.
  • Compatibility Testing – This ensures that your development project is compatible and integrates appropriately with different platforms, including Unix, OpenVMS, Windows, iOS and Android.
  • Accessibility Testing – We offer technical, user, and automated testing services to increase the accessibility and usability of your software.

As well as offering software testing services, we are also a custom software development company and have worked with businesses in a wide range of sectors. Our team have experience in testing mobile and web applications to ensure software development services are carried out to a high level and customer satisfaction is as strong as possible.

When working with Savant for effective software testing services, you can expect a high level of involvement from our team.

We are passionate about delivering exceptional services, no matter what we are delivering, taking the time to carry out business analysis and defining the business goals of our clients.  You will also have a designated project manager on your side at every stage of the project, during development and/or testing.

To learn more about what we do, or about our software testing services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team!


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