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SSC – Stock Control System

The Savant Stock Control system (SSC) is a secure, cloud or locally hosted stock management service for clinical laboratories. Our web-based software covers deliveries, stock issue, stock movements, quarantine, discards, stock reconciliation and stock reporting & ordering. It enables your site to have full control of all your consumables that can tracked from delivery to analyser.

Stock Control System (SSC) Benefits

Enables sites to have control of consumable items in stock


Ensures accurate stock level control

data warehouse

Cloud-based system – with you in control

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User permission levels can control access to data & processes

SSC uses hand-held devices for managing all aspects of stock control. Currently utilizing Datalogic Skorpio devices, a new Android version running on Zebra devices is in early-access preview. Our devices use Zebra Label printers to produce GS1 compliant identifiers to track individual stock items. All our SSC hardware is supplied and supported by our preferred hardware supplier, Sciamed.

Savant Stock Control has full quarantine capabilities from complete deliveries to individual stock items. The stock reconciliation module allows accurate stock checking, and the automated ordering facility ensures that the stock is always kept at the levels you need them to be.

SSC is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) – hosted remotely on the cloud. Or you can have SSC installed on your own computer network – which is the approach chosen by SSC customers at NHS Tayside.

As SSC is available via the G-Cloud framework of the Government Digital Marketplace, procurement of SSC is easy, and the costs are known in advance.

Stock Control System (SSC) Features

Supports delivery and issue of stock and stock movements

batch 1

Quarantine of single or batches of products

internet 1

Stock reconciliation module

order 1

Automated order facility – based on SSC monitoring your stock levels


Messaging Dashboard providing information and actions for users

seo report 1

Full product audit trail – from incoming deliveries to final usage


Stock discard – select products and view discarded products

data analysis

Flexible reporting facility enables users to create and save reports

Savant Stock Control

Maximising quality, efficiency and availability in a busy environment demands sophisticated reagent and consumable inventory management to minimise product wastage.  The Savant Stock Control System has been developed in the U.K. to provide:

A flexible and easy ordering system with approval delegated to the appropriate teams and automated e-mail orders.

Real-time stock detail across multiple sites and storage areas.

Effective stock rotation through alerts on issues to avoid errors.

High availability via warnings on predicted shortages or inappropriate issues.

Robust traceability with customised reporting for access to the full audit trail supporting internal and external audits.

Control of reagent use with quarantine options with user-defined rules on release criteria.  

Quality records –storage of product assessment evidence data.

Flexibility for products from multiple suppliers.

Taking control of inventory

The SSC system utilises product labelling incorporating GS1 standards

Each product batch or lot ID has its’ details loaded by scanning the package’s GS1 barcode. Then, individual packs are labelled with unique 2-D barcode labels displaying the product name, GTIN, batch number, expiry date, delivery date and unique identification (UID).

The shipment can be quarantined at delivery and each lot released once validated.  Every movement of the product is tracked from receipt through to issue.

Keep control by optimising your stocks to match the storage space available and base orders on real-time inventory.

Quarantine rules

Savant Stock Control gives you confidence in controlling products from delivery level.

A single batch of products can be moved to quarantine on delivery and may not be issued for use until released.  The release process requires confirmation by a colleague to help prevent errors and an option is available to store evidence from the product evaluation for retrieval when required at audit etc.

If required, a full product delivery can be unpacked to quarantine status and manually released by staff with sufficient permissions.  Product records can be found via delivery, product, or batch for a quick and simple release process. (the enquiry process shows the who, when and what was carried out on any searched product)

The system does not allow products that are marked as in quarantine, previously given a final fate (e.g., already issued or discarded) or expired to be issued from the system to a suitable facility.

Time and cost savings could result from the clear and traceable inventory approval process. 

Data-driven decisions

Reliable ordering based on real-time stock is achieved with advised order quantities using the Savant Stock Control System.  A minimum and maximum quantity may be set for each product and the advised order subtracts the current stock to estimate suggested ordering quantities.  Orders can be viewed and edited for each site and if required validated and confirmed with the supplier.

Effective teamwork is supported by the Inventory’s included messaging section with visibility and acceptance of message reading by each user being recorded and viewable on the system across each site.

The order details when created can be automatically emailed to a supplier from the system. When this is actioned, a selected number of users can be included in the email distribution. 

Accuracy of ordering is enhanced by reporting on stocks in each facility/area/location and the use of stock over time.


Stock Warnings
Shows red, yellow and green warnings

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Product Enquiry
Enquiry with delivery (enquiry on the main system)

unnamed 2

Stock levels (real-time information)
Stock at a preselected storage location

Technical requirements

The software is installed on the local hospital network requiring a minimum server specification of Windows 2016  Server running IIS, 8GB RAM, Dual Core CPU, MS SQL Server 2016 with .NET framework. Access to an SMTP server for email capabilities. A full technical specification is available on request. Cloud services are also available rather than a local install.

Handheld configured portable Zebra barcode scanner devices with PC connection cradles are utilised to provide stock delivery, movement, stock reconciliation and issue functionality with printing on Zebra portable printers connected to the handheld devices Bluetooth©  

PC’s running either EDGE or Chrome browsers using the most up to date versions with history disabled are used to access the main system functionality.

A secure Wi-Fi network is required for the handheld devices to access the system databases and services. These devices should be within range at each storage location and issuing area to allow the smooth operation of the system.  

System Description

The inventory system from Savant comprises of 

  • Mobile barcode reader (utilising Zebra portable computer devices)
  • Label printer (Utilising Zebra portable printing devices) 
  • Inventory specific configured MS SQL Server database (can be local or through a cloud provision)
  • Optional desktop USB barcode scanner for use on PC. 

Simplicity comes from good screen design. The use of Traffic light colour-coding gives urgency of issues and the ability to see when data has been added correctly. Error messages are all in red to give better visibility to the user.

The system includes a full reconciliation process and where required, will automatically repair stock inaccuracies ensuring the stock is always reflected accurately.

The system comes with some generic fixed reports plus a flexible report tool to allow users to design reports and data extracts from the system into PDF, Excel, RTF or CSV.


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