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Li-LAC Milk Bank is a web-based application that provides a centralised track-and-trace control system for milk bank management.


Li-LAC MMC is designed for use in maternity and neonatal units to: firstly, check that maternal milk expressed in the unit is only given to the mother’s baby; and secondly to link donated milk (supplied to the baby unit) with the recipient baby.

Li-LAC MMC runs on handheld devices – which generate the barcode labels for the mother’s milk container and then checks the correct milk is fed (by scanning the baby’s wrist band or cot label and the container’s product barcodes).

Li-LAC MMC creates ‘feed logs’ to show the link between the product and the baby. The logs can then be either analysed on a PC or loaded into Li-LAC MB to create a full audit trail of donor and maternal milk use. The system creates a log of potential mus-feeds – where there has been an attempt to feed a product to the wrong baby, helping identify where action may be needed.’>