Human Milk Bank System – Li-LAC

Savant’s Li-LAC human milk bank system manages all aspects of human milk donation, testing, production and distribution.

The Li-LAC human milk bank system can be cloud-based with access through a web browser. The only infrastructure required on site are PCs, label printers and scanners. Li-LAC can be provided as Software as a Service with no capital upfront costs to pay and ongoing subscriptions payable annually, quarterly or monthly.  Or, should you wish to have a local installation of the product, the system can be run on the milk bank’s own servers.

Li-LAC Human Milk Bank System Benefits

  • Li-LAC is available as Software Service via the Cloud or a local installation on your premises.
  • Provides a framework for a centralised system for milk bank management to be implemented.
  • Guaranteed availability of the system and the security of data.
  • Standardised processes ensure traceability and consistent labelling of milk products at all stages.
  • Removes the risk of unauthorised manufacturing processes being followed.
  • Removes the risk of contaminated products being released.
  • Immediate visibility of milk stocks and their process state.
  • Potential to increase the availability of donor milk and to maximise the potential health benefits of donor milk.


Li-LAC Human Milk Bank System Features

  • Specifically designed for managing human milk bank donations.
  • Full traceability, with comprehensive audit  trail of all modifications.
  • Enforces standardised labelling of products, integrated into production process.
  • Work flow management allows multiple processing workflows to be defined and managed for different milk products.
  • Consistent and rigorous testing regime with testing profiles for donors and products defined at site level.
  • Control of milk products to ensure only authorised products are released.
  • Ability to process ad-hoc and standing orders.
  • Facility to manage milk in batches.
  • Adheres to NICE Guidelines and compliant to ISBT128 barcodes.

Li-LAC Brochure

Li-Lac Key Features

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