PULSE is the core software system that powers the whole donation-to-recipient lifecycle for blood transfusion services.

PULSE is in daily use by NHS Blood and Transplant, Jersey BTS, Northern Ireland BTS and the Isle of Man BTS.

PULSE is a control system

PULSE controls the management & enrollment of donors, ensures efficient donation session planning, continues on through laboratory testing, stock management and ends with the safe & correct dispatch of blood and tissues to hospitals.

Thanks to the system, people who freely give donations of their blood or tissue are able to make an often life-saving contribution to the recipient.

PULSE is a management system

PULSE is also a management system that provides accurate, real-time information to anybody who needs to know the state of the nation’s blood and tissue supplies: NHSBT managers, public health agencies, the NHS and Government agencies.

PULSE has run daily with near-zero downtime since 1996 (and its predecessor ran for 15 years before that).

PULSE Brochure