Software and Database Migration for VMS, Oracle and VMware

Migration of existing business applications that have been running reliably for a number of years can represent a major investment for an organisation. Savant specialise in the migration of VMS, Oracle and VMware services.

Frequently applications were developed or enhanced to meet the precise needs of the organisation, delivering a competitive advantage in their industry or to manage specific processes.

As business and technologies evolve you may have a need, desire or strategy to move your applications from your current platform to a new one…

Savant’s experienced team provide software and database migration to help you migrate your legacy software to latest technologies and provide you with the opportunity to update your business logic at the same time.

VMS, Oracle and VMware Migration Services

We support you with hardware design, build and software migration. We’ve undertaken this for customers with small systems as well as for national infrastructure projects.

Frequently requested migrations are:

  • OpenVMS™ migration to your chosen platform – we partner with XDelta to provide a total project solution
  • Oracle® to SQL Server® migration – we use our in-house database expertise to port your database
  • VMware migration – we are experienced in building and migrating VMware environments

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